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Resinating Words - Words that resonate - 20 pack deck of inspirational cards

Resinating Words - Words that resonate - 20 pack deck of inspirational cards

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A gorgeous set of original Resinating artworks featuring words that will resonate within you and bring a smile to your every day ❤️

Designed to be displayed around your home, on your desk or anywhere you can see them each day.  Perfect to add to your diary, vision board or use them as a note card for a loved one 😍 

Uplifting Resinating artworks form the perfect backdrop to these inspiring phrases, quotes or words that will really resonate within you, sparking an idea, boosting you up or bringing you some insights and reminders.

Thoughtfully curated and designed to remind us to take time in our busy day to stop, reflect and reset our minds.

All Resinating Words packs come packaged in a calico drawstring bag with a circular wooden block for display.  Glossy Resinating artworks have been printed on luxurious 400gsm weight card stock. Set of 20 cards featuring original art work in all the colours of the Resinating rainbow.

The perfect gift for everyone ✨

Display ideas:

  • Bedside table
  • next to your computer
  • reception desk at work
  • in your planner
  • on your vision board
  • stuck on your mirror
  • as a birthday card tied to a gift
  • thinking of you card
  • on your gallery wall
  • in your home office
  • on your work desk
  • on the kitchen windowsill
  • next to the kettle
  • on your bookshelf

With a set of 20 cards you can have them in every room and change them all the time!

Where will you display yours?

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