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Resinating – pieces that resonate ♥


WOWSERS!  Can you believe that January 26th 2024 marks the end of my 12th year of business for Resinating, and the 14th year of me creating my gorgeous glossy goodies?!  This just blows me away!  To have taken a vague wish to “learn resin” way back in the beginning of 2011 into something that brings us both so much JOY is indescribable ♥

I just LOVE what I do.  I have played, tested, experimented, invested and watched my reject pile get smaller and smaller as my skills increase (insert happy dance!), so that I am able to bring you beautiful, quality products completely infused with love.   Oh and I’ve done all this without watching a single YouTube video hehe!  In fact YouTube really didn’t exist like it does now way back in 2011 – true story!  I am completely (and proudly) self taught.  I learn best by doing and making mistakes so that I can refine my process, broaden my skill base and increase my knowledge.  Original pieces made with love ♥

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you enjoy discovering my Resinating rainbow – I’m truly thrilled you’re here ☺️

♥ Marina xx