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RESINATING WORDS - hand stamped ladies cuff bangle with SHINE BRIGHT

RESINATING WORDS - hand stamped ladies cuff bangle with SHINE BRIGHT

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SHINE BRIGHT - like a diamond!

This bangle reads "SHINE BRIGHT" and is embellished with a diamond gem.  It will serve as a reminder to yourself to never dull your sparkle ♥ Shine brightly like the gorgeous gem of a person you are!

I have been inspired to create this range of jewellery with words and phrases that will truly resonate, or strike a chord, within you.  This could be a secret message that inspires you, a phrase that brings a smile every time you think of it or simply a motivational word.

An eye catching addition to any outfit - and inspiration on hand when you need it!  Add bounce to your step with this inspiring bangle ♥




This gorgeous bangle has been carefully hand stamped on 14 gauge pure 1100 aluminium in lollipop font.  Pure aluminium will not tarnish or rust and is hypoallergenic.

Bangle will be hand stamped with the words SHINE BRIGHT

This bracelet cuff is 1/4 inch in width and is 6 inches in length.

The cuff bangle is curved to shape and then tumbled to polish and harden the metal and bring a beautiful shine.

Stamping is done by hand and each letter, name or design may have slight variations in alignment, spacing and depth.  Each piece will not look alike each piece is unique with detail.  Made with passion and great care ♥


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